Fantastic Four


Fantastic Four 2015

The Fantastic Four movie, which was screened from the beginning by Josh Trank in 2015, had been before the audience in two series in 2005 and 2007 and was not very successful. This time, the Fantastic Four series, which presents a more ambitious entrance, was fictionalized by the famous screenwriter Simon Kinberg. The leading actors of the new movie consist of young and famous actors. Miles Teller, who plays the lead character in the movie Whiplash, Kate Mara who plays in the 2007 Action Movie Shooter, and black actor Michael B. Jordan, who came to the fore in 2012 as one of the leading roles in the production called Supernatural. The IMDB score of the movie, which was released on August 7, 2015, finally dropped to 4.0. Reed, Ben, Johnny and Victor manage to cross into another dimension thanks to a teleporter they are working on. However, shortly after they pass into a different dimension, things start to go very badly cosmically and they are exposed to high radiation. Four teenagers have strange powers after this incident. Sue gains invisibility, Reed becomes supremely flexible, Johnny becomes supernova flame, and Ben becomes a giant stone man. Victor is a complete mystery. After the Fantastic Four events, they try to control their powers, Victor will appear and things will heat up…

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
United States, Germany, United Kingdom
4.3 - tt1502712
Content Rating:
Josh Trank, Stephen E. Rivkin
Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller