Happily Never After


Happily Never After 2022

Two young couples in a happy relationship, Laura (Erinn Fredin) and Pete (Alexis Allotta), are happy to be married soon. One day, the couple went to visit their married friends Jordan (Matt Bowdren) and Antonia (Franchesca Fojas) living in the suburbs, although they had a small argument over their wedding date; Everything is going well for them. In fact, Laura, who soon saw that there was an award-winning contest on a website, applied for the contest. Learning that the prize is a free wedding, Laura wins the contest and is overjoyed that her next wedding will be free soon. However, this joy of the young woman will soon turn into a great fear. Appointed as the couple’s wedding planner, Faith (Alexis Allotta) is a young woman with a dark past with Pete. While the couple is having a wedding planning meeting with Faith, Faith tells Pete; He promises that he will not risk his career because of his relationship with her and will keep things professional. However, things will not go that way. As her feelings for Pete begin to fade, Faith is ready to do whatever it takes to prevent the couple’s wedding. Trying to find Laura’s weaknesses during a meeting at the couple’s house, while trying to seduce Pete, Faith is ready to risk everything to regain her old love.

Happily Never After
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Sarah Cayce
Alexis Allotta, Erinn Fredin, Rich Holton