Spectre 2015

Specter Movie Specter is one of the successful movies among the 2015 Action Movies. Sam Mendes is directing the James Bond movie Specter. Sam Mendes, who is also the director of Skyfall, one of the James Bond films, is also the name sitting in the director’s chair in successful films such as Things We Lost in the Fire, Path to Persecution and In Pursuit of Dreams. The successful director, who has signed many successful films, is crowning his success with the movie Specter. The cast of Specter is a strong cast that brings together different actors as well as the names of James Bond movies. Daniel Craig, who starred in the films The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Lucky Logan and Torment Yolo, as well as the films in which he portrayed the James Bond character in the film, will meet with the audience again with the 007 James Bond character in the film Specter. Successful actors such as Léa Seydoux, Dave Bautista, Monica Bellucci and Christoph Waltz accompany Daniel Craig in the film. All you need to do to watch the movie Specter, which has many successful names in its cast, is to click on the Watch Specter Turkish Dubbed option on the Ridomovies. Movie Plot: James Bond travels to Mexico City as a result of a password from the past. Then he goes after a criminal whose reputation for evil has spread to the masses and his way falls to Rome. Here he meets Lucia Sciarra, who fascinates everyone with her beauty. One of James Bond’s next assignments is to infiltrate a secret meeting. Having managed to infiltrate the meeting, Bond manages to uncover the existence of an uncanny organization, the Specter. The organization needs some clues to reveal its entire network. The only person to help him in this is his old enemy, Mr. Madeleine Swann, White’s daughter. Desperate to gain access to all of Specter’s secrets, Bond goes after his old enemy’s daughter. To do this, he secretly asks Moneypenny and Q for help. With every clue he finds, Bond is one step closer to Specter, in fact, he is moving towards a blood-curdling truth. This is his bond with his real enemy, Franz Oberhauser. Specter, which is one of the James Bond movies, manages to offer you an enjoyable experience with its plot and action-packed scenes. In particular, you can enjoy watching the 2015 movie, which James Bond fans are eagerly awaiting, on the Filmmaker, from the Specter Watch with Subtitles option.

Action, Adventure, Thriller
United Kingdom, United States
6.8 - tt2379713
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Sam Mendes
Christoph Waltz, Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux