The Mask


The Mask 1994

The director of the movie The Mask, which caused the movie theaters to fill up in July 1994, is Chuck Russell. World-famous actor Jim Carrey plays the leading roles in the movie The Mask, of which the script was written by Michael Fallon, and next to him, the much-loved angel Cameron Diaz takes the lead role. Mask, which has not experienced a decrease in IMDB score since 94, has a score of 6.8. The filming of the mask was carried out in the USA, and if we consider that date, a very large amount was spent, such as 23 million dollars for its completion. Stanley Ipkiss is a bank clerk, his life is extremely routine and monotonous. It is despised and discredited by everyone. Bad things happen to him every day and he was recently scammed by a car mechanic. He wants to go to the disco and have fun and is beaten and fired by the place’s guards. She is tired of her messed up situation and her life now. He climbs onto the bridge to commit suicide, but sees something in the sea and shines like moonlight. The sharer thinks the object is human and jumps into the sea without thinking. But he is not a person, he is just a mask. There is a problem that it is not an ordinary mask. This mask is about to get Stanley in all sorts of trouble, and it will, and whenever he puts on the mask, it’s like a different person and he’s running out of trouble. You won’t be able to stop laughing in this movie starring Jim Carrey.

Action, Comedy, Crime
United States
6.9 - tt0110475
Content Rating:
Chuck Russell
Cameron Diaz, Jim Carrey, Peter Riegert